MTP: it’s alive!

Last night the addition of MTP support to Banshee landed in CVS HEAD. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true! The days of command line interfaces for your snazzy new Creative, iRiver, etc. player are nearly over. All you have to do is TRY IT! Just grab Banshee from CVS and run with the –enable-mtp flag. Oh and yes, be sure you’re running libgphoto2 from SVN trunk with the C# bindings installed. It’s that easy! I’ll be publishing more “how to get started” docs soon.

MTP initializing

Yes, your Creative Zen Micro (or other supported MTP player), is ready for use.

Bug reports, feedback, suggestions, hate mail should be either filed on the GNOME Bugzilla under product Banshee, component MTP, or emailed to me.

MTP displaying

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