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My first free software contributions

In 2003, I was a young college student, bored one winter.  I had been using the Xfce window manager on my Slackware Linux machine, and I liked to use XMMS to rock out the tunes while doing my CS homework. … Continue reading

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Banshee on Mac OS X: Nice to see you!

  A few years ago, I used to write some plugins and a little bit of code for the Banshee project.  As I grew in my job at Mintel, I lost energy for working on Banshee but the project carried … Continue reading

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Worst vacation idea ever

A few weeks ago I picked up a case of mononucleosis, which has been a real joy.  As I’ve been off work for two weeks now, sitting around home waiting for my body to slowly recover, I’ve actually taken the … Continue reading

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