Banshee knows the words, too!

This morning I (very belatedly) committed a monster patch from David Schneider which extends the Wikipedia plugin to also be able to query for the currently playing track. Building upon David’s awesome parsing backend, this makes it integrate well with Banshee. What does this mean for you? No more asking yourself, “What IS (insert favorite artist here) saying?!?!” The answer is a lot closer than you think.

It’s as easy as pie – just download from the Banshee subversion repository. Check out the Banshee Plugin Repository for how to get it!

Now what I’m really looking for is this – I need your feedback. The Wikipedia plugin now does more than just display wikipedia pages, it also does lyrics. Thus, it needs a new name. Anyone have any grand ideas? The winner with the best idea…I dont know…will get…voice on IRC for a day…or something.

Of course, the obligatory screenshot:
lyrics thumbnail

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