Xorg updates & such :)

So I’m pleased to announce that another linux user has had a smooth upgrade to the modular X.org.  I’ve spent the last 24 hours making a jump from xorg 6.8.2 to 7.1, and right now I’m in the process of remerging a bunch of packages that depend on X just for sanity’s sake.  It’s exciting to see Xorg already on a 7.1 release – the power of the modular system is clearly paying off.
They all still run from the looks of it, but it can’t hurt to rebuild things to recognize any library changes.  This was all inspired by a quest of mine the other day to get DRI support working again, which I haven’t had in years on my ugly Radeon 9200.  I bought this card ‘cos it was cheap, and I had no idea that ATI had created a separate chip (rv280) just so that developers would spend little time on it and the support would be flaky.  Regardless, with the modern invention of MergedFB (and me actually getting it working), I now have dual monitor with full acceleration support, using the xorg drivers.  Sweet, I say!

The next step in cooking up some X server changes is to demo up XGL on here.  I hear that dual monitor support is in need of some love, and that most Radeon 9200 cards don’t work properly with XGL.  Sounds like my kind of daunting quest!

In other tabs open on my browser right now…yes folks, it’s true, THE TOUR DE FRANCE STARTS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!  July 1st, to be exact!  This will be the first year I ever have to spend these 22 days of bliss without a TV to watch it, so streaming radio applications, don’t fail me now!

I haven’t written any code in a while…seems i’ve got a bit of coder’s block.  I don’t know what’s going on…
Finally…the reason I haven’t posted in a while…I’ve moved my web hosting to a new company, 1 and 1. They’ve been pretty good to me (a lot better than my old host, who will remain nameless).  It seems that 1and1 is caching my homepage tho, so trick.vanstaveren.us still is borked even tho the files are there.  I’ve also had the ability to get sting.vanstaveren.us up and pointing to sting, my router & server box, to host some things like a little subversion repo for my crazier code, and other fun things :).  It also seems that Charter is a bunch of bitches and won’t open port 80 for me – they want me to buy their business package ($150/month) for that.  Ass holes.

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