Banshee on Mac OS X: Nice to see you!


Screenshot of Banshee 2.3.4 running on OS X

A few years ago, I used to write some plugins and a little bit of code for the Banshee project.  As I grew in my job at Mintel, I lost energy for working on Banshee but the project carried on and has grown from version 0.x to 2.x in a few years time.  I keep using Banshee on my Linux laptop, but a year ago I made an odd choice of buying a Macbook and I’ve been hating iTunes ever since.  iTunes really sucks.

I was catching up on old blogs the other day and found that Aaron has moved on from Novell and that some old & familiar names have stepped up to help with maintainership.  Pretty cool stuff guys.  Oh and the Mac OS X builds are much more regular than they used to be, and it’s working great!

One tip: If you’re looking for the latest version of Banshee on OS X, the website is a bit out of date.  Go straight to the GNOME download server for the latest OS X build which is 2.3.4.

Furthermore, if you’re running Banshee on Ubuntu and love Amazon MP3 and the GNOME project as much as I do, please give this a read.

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