Worst vacation idea ever

A few weeks ago I picked up a case of mononucleosis, which has been a real joy.  As I’ve been off work for two weeks now, sitting around home waiting for my body to slowly recover, I’ve actually taken the longest break from work I’ve ever taken since starting at Mintel in 2006.

Thus, I’ve decided that getting Mono is the worst idea for a vacation ever.  If I’d had more energy, I would’ve jetted off to somewhere a bit more beautiful than rainy/foggy Shanghai to rest.

I’m returning to work this week logging on from home to get caught up and start working on some small projects.  I have a spare bedroom which I rarely use, but it does have a small desk in it that I’ve decided to make my work desk.  My landlord left some of her furniture in here, so it comes complete with the delightful pink chair, lamp and trash.

My desk working at home

Complete with pink furniture which was left by my landlord



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