Four countries in four weeks

Hong Kong in the last week of September. Then back to Shanghai for a few days. Sydney for the first week of October. Then back to Shanghai for a day. Then to London for a week and a half, and now finally heading back to Shanghai.  What a month!

Life advice: don’t sprain your ankle before a travel run like this :)

I’ve had a great few trips, albeit disabled by problems with my feet. Sarah flew and met me in London which was amazing. We traveled to Bath over a long weekend and saw the city and the remains of the Roman baths which are almost 2000 years old. Sarah also adventured around London and took in the sights. We’ll have to post some photos. The best bit was touring St. Paul’s Cathedral. I’ve been walking by it for years on my visits to London but this time got to actually have the experience, and it was well worth it.

Plane back to Shanghai is now boarding…off I go!

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