Hong Kong

On another adventure! I flew to Hong Kong today for a quick two day stop to have a look around.  Brought my hiking boots with me and I’m praying that the weather clears up – it’s been nothing but rain since I showed up.  Nonetheless, I’m enjoying it here – the mountain peaks in the distance fills me with awe and I can’t contain my smile :)

I’m staying at a place I found on Airbnb owned by a couple from America.  It’s a rooftop studio apartment eight floors up on Hong Kong Island looking out at skyscrapers.  It’s quite the view and a cool gig.  Thanks to Empress Weir for the tip on Airbnb! The place I’m staying at can be rented on Airbnb if you’re ever in Hong Kong; I recommend it.
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The view to the south:

and west:

Finally, a life tip: never play basketball a few hours before getting on a plane, especially when you haven’t played in a long time and your entire body is going to be sore!  I had fun, but, oww…

Tomorrow, hopefully off to The Peak and to wander around Kowloon for a while, and plot a route for some hopeful hiking on Tuesday…

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