A not-so-quiet escape

I made it – I live in Shanghai, China now!  I’ve been here a bit over a week.  I’ve figured out a few things, namely, where I live, which direction is north, where to buy milk, and the best ways to contact Sarah.  7,000 miles doesn’t feel like that far apart most of the time. Thank you, Skype and Google Voice.  No thanks to you, Mr. Firewall, you prick.

I’ve updated most of my contact information in case anyone needs it.

My exit from Chicago wasn’t as quiet as possible, although that was never my intent :)

  • Friday, May 27th: Leaving drinks from work led to this gem: 
  • Saturday May 28th: Spend the day with Sarah and the entire clan comes to down.  Holy cow, I’ve never had the entire family over before!  What fun!
  • Sunday May 29th: foggiest I’ve seen Chicago in a long time, and it’s Bike The Drive with the old cycling crew.  Good times!
  • Monday May 30th: the family helps me tear down the apartment and move it to storage or the trash.  We get 3/4 of it done.
  • Tuesday May 31st: Marie helps me finish some up, and I labor all day finishing it and move out of my place that night (and into Sarah’s family’s living room, thank you Weirs!)
  • Wednesday, June 1st: Final trips to storage locker and I relocate the contents of my desk at work to the nearest trash bins.  Found some things in my drawer which have been there for four, going on five years.
  • Thursday, June 2nd: fly to Shanghai! Arrive on Friday.

What a nutty life.

Tanks to all the crazy people who helped me get here.

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