I ran into a pair of Michiganders this morning in the hotel breakfast.  Got spotted because I’m wearing a Western sweatshirt.  They’re out here on vacation meeting her brother who’s also an expat here.  Small world!

First day here completely on my own.  Rode the subway to see this giant shopping center, and as it turns out, it was giant.  I also found an unexpected western business in the mix – Cold Stone Creamery.  I forgot to grab some on my way out.

The Chinese love their color, and now I really appreciate it.  It’s solved a problem I’ve been after for months: why can’t I find some obscenely brightly colored socks?  Solution: China!  They love their color here, it’s great.  I now own some orange socks!

From Shanghai

I spent a fair bit of time attempting to locate a supermarket online, which I failed at. No really, a search for “grocery store” or “supermarket” gives me every last corner shop and convenience store. I decided finally to just walk down Huaihai for a while, which I later decided was probably about the Shanghai equivalent of walking down Michigan Ave and expecting to find a Dominick’s. Ended up grabbing food to go, but I did manage to buy bananas from a local shop on the street. I didn’t understand anything he said other than ni hao which means hello. But it’s a start!

Came back & relaxed this evening. Stuck my camera out the window and took some night photos of the city. It’s fairly foggy again today. The last photo is the view straight down 32 floors from my room…hope you’re good with heights :)

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