The Flying Michigander

Named for Kevin, the current Head of IT in APAC at Mintel.  Whom I’ll be succeeding.  I’m moving to Shanghai in May!

This week’s been mostly work.  While it’s really interesting stuff, it’s complicated, and I’m tired.

So here’s a picture of me using my direct line to the President:

From Shanghai

Taken in a Korean bar in Shanghai. Yes, that phone is the real deal.

Also, my favorite intersection in Shanghai is right outside my window. Here’s a picture of it from overhead. At a point in the traffic signal’s cycle, all cars get red lights and pedestrians get green in all directions – including diagonally! What a cool idea.

From Shanghai

Next few months will be crazy. I’m going to be an expat. I have much to learn. And it’s going to be a helluva experience.

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