Eat your heart out, Microsoft :)

So on Monday, Marcus over in the gphoto2 development land committed a monster patch giving MTP Metadata support to libgphoto2.  I’ve been waiting for this patch to land so that I can pipe that information thru to Banshee MTP support, and I’ve got it :)

Screenshots will follow, but as of now, I can plug in my Zen, view a list of the tracks on it including many details (stuff like bitrate and format doesn’t work just yet), I can drag and drop any number of tracks in any format that Banshee’s transcoding engine works with, and synchronize at the push of a button, and the rest is taken care of.  The sync works like a charm!

Gphoto has proven to be a very reliable library, and I will continue to implement more extensions of it into Banshee.  Some of the finer points, such as disk space, battery level, and time sync have not been implemented because they aren’t exposed in the ptp camlib, but I’m sure that it will come soon :)  I also haven’t finished track deleting support as the C# bindings that I’ve been using from f-spot don’t contain a delete method.  This will get done :)

Many thanks to the folks over at gphoto for all their work!  If you have a MTP device and have been waiting for a nice GUI to take care of transferring tracks, wait just a little longer, as it’ll be in Banshee CVS soon :)

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