My bicycling friends at Shanghai Jiaotong University

I had the greatest bike ride last Friday night. I had gone out to the bar & had dinner with some co-workers and was headed home around 11 PM, riding home on Shimen Rd. #1 just north of Weihai road, and in the other direction I see a mass of about 20 cyclists on nice bikes all wearing helmets. As I say to everyone, a helmet is a sign of an experienced cyclist. I double and triple took, and after a minute, I turned around and rode after them to say hi!

The group is from Shanghi Jiaotong University 上海交通大学 and since they had recently finished classes, they were going for an all-night bicycle ride in Shanghai.  I met lots of nice people and we talked culture and food and cycling.  My phone had died so I couldn’t take any photos, so I exchanged email addresses with a few riders and they emailed me a photo this week.

Hi to Jessie and Ginn – thank you for the photos!  I’m always up for a friendly bike ride in Shanghai.

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