Banshee MTP Guide Moved

Howdy folks,

The guide that used to be at has now been moved to the Banshee wiki at  All the subpages have been moved accordingly.  My site has all the pages set to forward to the Banshee site, so update your bookmarks now :)
MTP progress has been busy as of late and with the recent release of libgphoto2-sharp 2.3.0, I’ve seen quite a few people trying to get their MTP devices working with Banshee and I’ve also been busy writing a lot of code.  Hopefully in the next few days I can tie up a few things and commit my local changes which include playlist support – yes folks, full playlist support.  It’s still a bit buggy tho, so I need a few more days to hack at it :)

libgphoto2-2.3.1 was released this past weekend, be sure to grab it for optimal MTP use!  It has a new hack to increase initialization times by factors between 10 and 100 times because of sped up metadata reading.  Naturally, this is hella-good :)

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