libgphoto2-sharp 2.3.0 released

After an age or two of waiting, pondering over licensing issues, and doing bits of maintenance here and there, the Mono/.NET bindings for libgphoto2 have now been released!

One can now play with libgphoto2 compatible devices out of a Mono application. Why is this important? Because Banshee likes DAP’s (Digital Audio Players), and uses this library to access MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) compatible devices. It brings us one step closer to having good, clean, easy-to-use MTP access on your open-source box.

If you have one of these MTP devices and want to know more about how to access your device with Banshee, read my guide!

A big thanks to Larry Ewing of the excellent F-Spot project for licensing the original copy of libgphoto2-sharp under the LGPL; without this, I’d be lost.

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