Singapore visit

Having a late brunch (4:30pm!) here in Singapore and I’m sitting across from a rather brightly painted Alkaff Bridge, drinking a Bulmers and waiting for my dim sum to arrive.  They have my favorite kind, chasiu bao (barbeque pork steamed buns).  Lets hope they’re as good as in Shanghai, else I’m on the next flight.

Work here has gone very well.  My primary task is installing an IP phone system which is really great technology and simple to use.


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3 Responses to Singapore visit

  1. ai ye ha ha says:

    Is bulmers a good beer? If so, put it on my xmas list.

    • Trick says:

      Bulmers is cider – so if you’re in the mood for sweet, don’t call me, get a Bulmers. It’s a summer drink, really, so get one now before it cools down!

  2. Joe says:

    I see you like Char Siu Bao. Next time you come to Singapore,You should try “Hokee Bao” located at Geylang and “126 Dim Sum” also located at Geylang.

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