Great Circle Mapper & a year’s travel

I moved to China a wee bit over a year ago, and I’ve had the pleasure of doing a ton of traveling since.  I never thought I’d actually say “It’d b nice to stay still for a minute” – I’ve always wanted to go see lots of places in the world, and my job provides me just such an opportunity!

Sarah asked me last week how many miles I’ve flown in the last year, and I realized I hadn’t been keeping track.  So I made a spreadsheet!  The Shanghai-Chicago flight is the longest flight I’ve ever done at 7,000 miles / 13 hours, but I’ve flown over 100,000 miles this year, which is an absurd number.

This gives me an opportunity to show off one of my favorite websites, the Great Circle Mapper.  It allows you to put in two or more airport codes and it’ll plot you a map showing your actual flight path.  Here’s my first year of travel:

You can also view it on the website with my flight path details, which shows the mileage.

Cool, eh?

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