My own Upside-Down-Ternet

So after reading about the Upside-Down-Ternet (particularly after seeing it featured on XKCD,) I couldn’t resist. After a few discussions at work, we decided that it would be a bad idea if we actually hijacked the company’s proxy and did this. The thought of 200-some people all calling IT for support help (and support in turn recommending that they all reboot their computers) would be so funny that we all might die of suffocation from laughing so hard. Then again, it might be a good way to go…

Regardless we had to do this. We needed to get someone. So I decided that I’d set up a proxy on my workstation, and have it ready for a devious day.

To prepare, I needed to set up squid and get familiar…it’s been several years since I’ve set up & run a squid proxy.  A quick setup of squid 3 on my router box here at home wasn’t much work at all, and before long I had a running proxy. Hacking in a url redirector script isn’t hard, either. Next step will be to set it running on my box at work!  Let the mischief begin(*evil grin*)

So as a variation on the original, which made me laugh (and I hope makes you laugh,) I give you Swirl-Ternet:


Hopefully in a week or two I’ll get a few co-workers with this and see how much trouble I can get into!

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