New camera (look, a sandwich!)

Go ahead, laugh.  I know it’s funny that I somehow managed to break my old camera while making dinner.  What can I say.  I like to take pictures of things that I cook.  It just seems that it’s a bad idea to do so while excessively drunk, which is what finally did it in the end.

I’m one who loves old things, particularly when it comes to electronics.  Like sting, my P2 router.  Or my truck.  Or…well you name it, it’s old. So let me introduce my old camera – a Fujifilm FinePix A205 with a whopping two megapixels which I bought sometime in 2003:
old camera fuji a205

So here’s my shiny new camera, a Canon Powershot SD1000:

canon sd1000

For laughing effect, here’s tonight’s dinner:

mmm sandwich

(mmm, tasty!)

(no cameras were hurt in the process of making this dinner.)

To make life tastier, it worked right out of the box w/ gphoto and f-spot.  Wohoo!

I did however learn that the latest trunk of libgphoto2 is breaking ABI, which upsets f-spot’s crufty old version of libgphoto2-sharp.  Perhaps I’ll get back on the horse and get that sorted out sometime soon…

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