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lirc-sharp is a set of Mono/.NET bindings for the LIRC Client Library. I haven’t worked on this project since 2006.

The latest pre-release of lirc-sharp is version 0.0.9. This is a development version and I do not expect it to work perfectly for everyone. Send bug reports to me via e-mail.

This was designed and tested on lirc 0.8.0 only. It should be backwards compatible for anyone running older libraries - the API hasn’t changed in years.

I have written a simple proof-of-concept plugin for the Banshee Music Player.

I am also working on another project called lirc-dbus-relayer which will relay specified LIRC commands to D-Bus enabled applications.

It uses some C glue…if anyone’s a real interop pro and understands how to keep a C file descriptor alive between function calls, let me know. Maybe we can get rid of the C glue :)

This project’s code can be found at